Take charge of your career

Whether you are looking to find the exit, develop a career plan, overcome a challenge, leverage your natural strengths or start a new career later in life, our WorkInColour career programs will give you the tools and strategies to take charge of your career and develop a more satisfying career path.

If you don’t take control - if you don’t sit in the driver’s seat of your own career - no-one else will do it for you.

Maybe you’d love to jump ship if you could only find the exit? Ready for a whole new career? Try the Escape Hatch program.

Or do you need a strategic plan for your existing career, to really take charge of your working life? Then our Career GPS program is for you.

If you’d like to keep working into your sixties, seventies (or for the rest of your life, really…) then check out our Second Act Careers program.

Would you like a structured to tool to help you understand your workplace abilities and strengths, so you can achieve better results? Then our Abilities & Strengths program is for you.

Or are you looking for individual coaching on specific issues? We can coach to your agenda.

We can craft a tailor-made solution to match your precise needs, using elements from our various programs, or we can deliver a program off the shelf, straight up. It’s your choice.

All of our programs are available one-on-one (face to face in Sydney, by phone or Skype anywhere else in the world. Some are also delivered from time to time as group programs, so check the home page or email for information about upcoming events.

If you just want to hang around, that’s fine too. Check out our Free Resources. That’s right. Free. Download the latest WorkInColour articles, exercises, tips, White Coloured Papers and other tools to spark creative thinking and help you work in colour every day.

It’s easy with Work In Colour.