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Curious about what makes you tick and how to flourish? WorkInColour helps you clarify your direction and enhance your career by better understanding your natural abilities, drivers and strengths.

Work to your strengths

We all think we know ourselves well, that we understand what drives our behavior, what our talents are and our strengths. We can usually rattle off a few vague words about being calm under pressure, or our above-average leadership skills, or the things that just ‘push our buttons’. But how much do we really understand about ourselves? And how can we work with this stuff to create a more satisfying career path?

It may sound like the simplest thing in the world, but clarifying your strengths and defining your abilities (and there may be some you haven’t even thought of), not to mention working out what drives your behaviour, will not only give you a better understanding of yourself, but will allow your career to flourish. At Work In Colour, we use three structured tools in this area, and can help you decide which is best for you.

The Highlands Ability Battery

At WorkInColour, we use the Highlands Abilities Battery to accurately measure and define your natural abilities.

Don’t worry, we don’t hook you up to machines and show you flash cards of kittens. It’s actually quite fun. What we do is give you some online work samples to complete and create a comprehensive report on your natural ability to achieve each task.

Most importantly, we then sit down with you in a personalised coaching session to discuss the findings and uncover the opportunities you may have to leverage these natural strengths in your career.

You can use the results of your Highlands Ability Battery as a resource throughout your career, referring to it as often as you need to ensure that you are making the best use of your natural abilities every step of the way.


We use Strengthscope™ to work with strengths from the perspective of finding those tasks and activities that are most likely to energise you and lead to high levels of engagement. This tool focuses also on how to use strengths in an optimal way, not too little, nor too much, but just right.

Strengthscope™ helps team members understand their standout strengths and how these can be optimised, as well as the unintended consequences that may arise when strengths are overused or go into 'overdrive'. It's the only strengths profiler offering a multi-rater, 360-degree feature which enables up to 8 co-workers or external stakeholders to provide feedback on the extent to which they see the person using their strengths at work.

Q12 Instrument

The Q12 instrument enables you to get clear on your drivers of behaviour. It's a practical tool for gaining greater insight into yourself and others – their values, behaviours, motives and how they see the world. Human beings are not static, but have an innate desire to constantly grow and evolve. Q12 allows you to create a structured roadmap for change and pathway to fast-track your full potential by providing powerful insights into development opportunities. It’s good. And it works.

Your potential to shine

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If you’re interested in a comprehensive roadmap for career success, take a look at our Career GPS program. If you have a specific issue you’d like to focus on, you may be interested in personalised Career Coaching.