Career Coaching

Looking for coaching on particular issues? WorkInColour Career Coaching helps you work on particular issues or challenges, using strategic and creative thinking.

Planning for career success

Your career is a very personal thing—there is only one you, and you have your own strengths, skills and experiences. So should you have to sit down with a career coach and listen to the same spiel, tick the same boxes and receive the same advice as everyone else? Of course not!

At WorkInColour, we make sure you are firmly planted in the driver’s seat of your career. Using a combination of strategic and creative thinking, we help you work on whatever is missing from your career roadmap, whatever is stopping you from reaching your ultimate career aim.

What do you need?

So what’s your issue? Perhaps you want to develop leadership skills, fine-tune your management strengths, or learn how to deal with difficult clients. Maybe you have work/life challenges, or need to improve your communication skills for a new role. Perhaps you want to polish your interview skills and get your CV up to scratch before going for that job or promotion?

Whatever it is, we can work on your issues to help you create the career you deserve.

Stay on track

Our no-nonsense WorkInColour coaches get to the heart of the matter, so you won’t feel you have to just take the next opportunity that comes along. Even when the road is a little rough, you’ll know exactly where your next move should be.

We understand that your career is yours, and no one else’s. Which is why each coaching session is structured around your own agenda. You decide the direction—we help you map out the route, and deal with whatever might get in the way.

Are you ready to take the wheel?

Contact us today to fine-tune your career path and drive toward success.

If you’re interested in a comprehensive roadmap for career success, take a look at our Career GPS program. If you are curious about your natural abilities, you may be interested in the Abilities and Strengths programs.