Your career dashboard

Seeking a strategy for your career? Our Career GPS program helps you take control of your career by developing a comprehensive dashboard of tools and strategies for career success..

Are you prepared for challenging times?

Once upon a time, you had a job for life and your employer was responsible for your training and career success. Now the onus is on you to drive your career from the very start. If you aren’t sitting in the driver’s seat, you’ll miss out on strategic opportunities and move from job to job without a real career plan in place. More importantly, when the road gets rough, you’re likely to lose your way.

But it’s never too late to get back on the right track. The sooner you get to know your talents, strengths and skills, the more you can leverage them and steer a course toward a more satisfying and successful career, even during challenging times.

Preparing for your career journey

Imagine your career is a car. Like any big road trip, you need to prepare for your journey.

First, take the wheel and check the status of the dashboard essentials. What are your abilities, strengths and skills? What training do you have? Is your personal style a good fit for your current workplace? What does your career path look like so far?

Next, you will need to work out what needs topping up or replacing. Perhaps your skills or beliefs? Do you need to polish a strength, or adjust a belief that’s no longer working for you? Maybe your confidence levels are low, or you need some tools to deal with difficult clients, decision-making or prioritising?

As part of the preparation for your career journey, you will need to clarify your direction. What are your career goals? What’s your ideal destination? What is the next step in your current job, or is it time to move on? Could you do with a mentor?

Now you’re ready to switch on your GPS and start driving!

Strategies for success

WorkInColour’s Career GPS program includes private coaching, an interactive workbook and ongoing support to give you the confidence to drive to your next destination.

No doubt there will be bumps along the way, and you’ll probably need to stop and recalibrate your dashboard every now and again. But you’ll have the confidence and tools to maintain a clear, achievable strategy to get where you need to go.

Switch on your career GPS

Contact us today to find out how the WorkInColour Career GPS program can help you prepare your dashboard essentials and create a roadmap for career success.

If you don’t need the full program, but are curious about your strengths and abilities, take a look at our Abilities and Strengths programs. If you have a specific issue you’d like to focus on, you may be interested in personalised Career Coaching.