Executive Coaching

Looking for coaching for your staff? Our Executive Coaching individual sessions give your staff the tools to increase performance, rise to a new challenge or deal with issues that are getting in the way of their success.

Give your staff the opportunity to shine

Sometimes, looking for development opportunities for your staff can be tricky. They may be keen to learn and develop their career within your organisation, but have a number of specific issues they’d like to work on—none of which can be neatly defined, packaged up and taught in a classroom over one or two days.

Perhaps they want to develop leadership skills, fine-tune their management strengths, or learn how to deal with difficult clients. Maybe they have work/life challenges, need to polish their communication skills for a new role, or even handle that one thing that’s holding them back or creating strife.

Whatever it is, our coaching program will help them recognise their goals, strengths and values to create a roadmap that will enhance performance and career satisfaction, using a combination of strategic and creative thinking.

Stay on track

Our no-nonsense WorkInColour coaches get to the heart of the matter, no matter what level of the organisation your staff are at. Wherever they are, that’s where we start.

We understand that they have unique goals and challenges. Which is why each coaching session is structured around the participant’s own agenda. They decide the direction—we help them map out their route and deal with whatever might get in the way.

Are you ready to help your staff shine?

Contact us today to give your staff the coaching they need to develop a flourishing career in your organisation. If you’re interested in group sessions for your team, check out our Abilities and Strengths program to maximise your team’s performance and satisfaction.