About WIC

WorkInColour helps teams and businesses throughout Australia develop the tools to be able to think creatively, act strategically, and get results.

How we work

We believe in the power of creative thinking to enable individuals and businesses to flourish.

We are into relationships, not rip-offs. We still get emails from clients who worked with us 5 or 6 years ago - it's a real highlight of our work.

You can sign up for our newsletter, and generally hang around without being pressured for more. Yes, we sell stuff, but we're also interested in growing a community of people who are curious about the power of working in colour.

We have relationships with affiliates and associates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and California (so far). We work only with people who get what we do and share our broad philosophy.

Our approach is very down to earth. We don't go for vague 'hippie herbal' messages, nor do we make overblown and overhyped 'you can have it all... today' promises of instant change. We are practical but inspiring, authentic but encouraging - and engaging without being all over you like a rash.

You are the focus of our work, not some corporate fad or gimmicky technique. Everything we do is tailored to your particular needs. Of course, we have training and experience and a bagful of quality tools to use, but we don't inflict them on people willy-nilly.

We believe that if you uncover your strengths and leverage them at work, you will flourish. (As will your colleagues, your business, and the wider community...)

We believe that everyone is inherently creative and can use the foundations of creative thinking to generate ideas and solve all kinds of problems in the workplace.

We believe that everyone can work in colour and not in black in white.