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Sick of ho-hum presenters with monotonous bullet-point slideshows that put your audience to sleep? So are we. We’d much rather wake your audience up, keep them energised and thinking creatively - even during that mid-afternoon slump.

Creative thinking in the workplace

Joanna Maxwell is an accomplished speaker who draws on her life experience and expertise as a business coach and trainer to help individuals and teams maximise their performance through creative thinking.

She has a natural ability to connect with audiences, with more than twenty years experience presenting to groups of all sizes in the private and public sector including Roche Pty Ltd, ABC, Victorian Chamber of Commerce, Australian Rural Leadership Foundation, Industry & Investment NSW, Cover-More Australia and Professional Public Relations.

Why WorkInColour?

Whether it’s a snappy interactive workshop or a keynote presentation, we know you need fresh ideas and tangible solutions that your audience can implement as soon as they get back to the office. Joanna’s lively presenting style encourages quality discussion in each keynote presentation, making it interactive, enjoyable and inspiring, so your audience get results every time.

Joanna can adapt any of her six popular keynote topics to your audience, or tailor a presentation specific to your organisation and event objectives.

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Keynote speaking topics

Creative thinking for success

Creative thinking is essential for 21st century business success. Businesses that take advantage of creative thinking will not only adapt and survive changing times, but also flourish. In a constantly shifting business environment, it’s those who develop these creative thinking tools that will emerge stronger than ever. Those who don’t develop these tools may not emerge at all.

Why failure is a good thing

We are often raised and educated to see failure as something to be avoided—as a ‘bad’ thing. But you can’t create something new, master a field of learning or have a successful career or business without some failure. It's time to rethink our attitude to making mistakes, taking risks and even outright fiascos. It’s time to learn how to turn these inevitable bumps along the road into a freeway of productive creativity.

The creative workplace

How do you turn your office into a hive of creative thinking, without descending into chaos—get the buzz, without the sting? There’s more to a creative workplace than a group of people who know how to brainstorm or mindmap. It’s vital to work with the corporate culture and learn to deal with attitudes to risk, change, failure and fuzzy timelines. Only then will you be able to apply creative thinking tools to achieve measurable business outcomes.

Take charge of your career

Do you have a strategic plan for your working life? Or even for this year? Whether you run your own business or work for someone else, you need to make sure you are sitting in the driver’s seat of your career. No-one’s going to do it for you, though they may be full of advice like, ‘tap into your strengths’, ‘leverage your skills’ and ‘make a five-year plan’. All very well, but how do you do this? Where do you start? Learn to identify your strengths, skills and where you want to be in five years, and develop a comprehensive dashboard of tools and strategies to get you there.

Give your career a creative edge

The demands of career management are changing and now, more than ever, you need to take charge of your career. Those who use creative thinking to adapt and survive changing times will emerge stronger than ever. Learn how to use creative thinking and watch your career flourish.

Working with your strengths and abilities

If you can identify your strengths and abilities and find ways to use them at work, your satisfaction and success will soar. It used to be thought that your strengths were best left alone, and it was your weaknesses you had to shore up. But in the last five years, there has been a shift towards placing the emphasis on your strengths instead. There are now plenty of scientific studies suggesting that business success may have more to do with playing to your strengths, than compensating for your weaknesses. Find out why.

Tailored presentations

Joanna’s extensive experience working with individuals, teams, small businesses and multi-national corporations means she can create a presentation specifically tailored to your audience.


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