Tailored Solutions for your workplace

Interested in facilitated sessions to solve a problem or conflict, or generate new ideas? Juicy Thinking Sessions help your workplace find practical solutions to specific problems using a combination of critical and creative thinking.

Solve problems under pressure

When time is of the essence and there is pressure to be creative, you may end up staring blankly at a wall, or frantically gather into meetings and brainstorming sessions.

After thinking in a logical, linear fashion all day, suddenly generating big-picture, creative ideas can not only be tricky, but near impossible.

What you need is some Juicy Thinking.

Creative thinking when you need it most

Juicy Thinking is about using your whole-brain—left-brain, logical linear thinking, and right-brain, big picture, creative thinking—to solve problems every day using practical tools and methods.

Juicy Thinking sessions are tailored to your workplace and focus on a particular situation—this may be resolving a current conflict, dealing with change or generating fresh ideas for a new product.

We use the techniques of Juicy Thinking to work closely with your team and develop a range of possibilities or solutions to your current situation.

Your Juicy Thinking facilitator will allow you and your team to think about the problem from a different angle, and help you stay on track until you reach a successful conclusion.

Book a Juicy Thinking Session

Juicy Thinking will help you turn an idea into a solution, maximising performance and productivity when you need it most. Contact us to find out more about our Juicy Thinking sessions.

If you don’t have a pressing issue, or would rather train your staff to use critical and creative thinking for themselves, check out our Juicy Thinking Workshops.