Maximise Team Performance

Want to work with the true abilities of your team? WorkInColour works closely with corporate teams to uncover their natural abilities and strengths and help them leverage them everyday at work.

Uncover the natural abilities of your team

You don’t need us to tell you that the most successful teams work cohesively—they are more than the sum of their parts. But how do you achieve that synergy in your organisation?

At WorkInColour, we believe you can develop great teams without resorting to Bollywood dance lessons and scavenger hunts. After all, working together is vital to everyday business success, not just during happy hour at the annual corporate retreat.

Alongside skills and experience, it’s the natural abilities and strengths of your team that will enable your organisation to achieve its goals.

Wouldn’t it be useful to understand all of your team’s strengths and natural abilities and leverage them (individually and in their team roles) to maximise job satisfaction, performance and efficiency?

The Highlands Abilities Battery

At WorkInColour, the program we use to measure and define the natural abilities of a team is the internationally-recognised Highlands Abilities Battery.

It’s a practical tool and won’t bore your team to tears—in fact, it’s fun. We provide your team with a number of online work samples to complete, and create a comprehensive report for each team member.

This report measures natural abilities that span personal and professional life. Perhaps one team member is particularly creative under pressure, and another is gifted at working with people, developing long-term strategies, or even translating IT-speak into everyday English. We’ll show them how to understand these abilities in a deeper way, and how to use them to the highest levels at work.

Once the reports are developed, we can structure individual and/or group coaching sessions, so everyone in the team understands how best to leverage their own and each other’s abilities. By recognising these abilities, your staff will become more engaged and you’ll be more confident in maximising the performance of your team.


We use Strengthscope™ to work with strengths from the perspective of finding those tasks and activities that are most likely to energise your team members and lead to high levels of engagement. This tool focuses also on how to use strengths in an optimal way, not too little, nor too much, but just right.

Strengthscope™ helps team members understand their standout strengths and how these can be optimised, as well as the unintended consequences that may arise when strengths are overused or go into 'overdrive'. It's the only strengths profiler offering a multi-rater, 360-degree feature which enables up to 8 co-workers or external stakeholders to provide feedback on the extent to which they see the person using their strengths at work.

Build creative teams

We can craft additional modules to add on to our core teamwork program, using the foundations of creative thinking. The range of topics are designed to give your team practical tools and strategies to perform at their best, whether it’s in time management, meetings, project planning, conflict resolution or communication.

Like all our programs, they’re tailored specifically for your team and organisation.

Empower your team

Contact us to find out how Strengthscope™, the Highlands Abilities Battery and additional modules will maximise your team’s performance and job satisfaction.