Sort out the essentials

Looking to develop the potential of your team? Our Creative Office Essentials program helps your team develop strategies to manage the basics of corporate success—productivity, meetings, planning, conflict and communication—using the foundations of creative thinking.

Prepare the basics

Any chef will tell you the secret of a great dish is in the ingredients. Once you have the basics, you can get adventurous and create any number of recipes. Similarly, in business you need to make sure your team has all the basics before they can achieve success.

Our Creative Office Essentials program contains five two-hour modules that you can mix and match depending on your needs. Rather than just going through the motions of project planning or running a meeting, our modules will teach you how to inject creativity and mindfulness into everyday activities, so your team really stands out from the crowd and achieves more with less.

Perhaps your sales team needs some fresh ideas on presenting to clients? Or maybe your management team need some practical techniques to resolve conflict in the workplace?

Whatever it is, once your team adds the basics to their repertoire, they’ll be cooking up a storm of creativity and success.

Creative Office Essentials modules

Time management and productivity

The to-do list is never-ending, isn’t it? And isn’t time flying by faster every year? This module focuses on simple and effective ways to maximise your time and energy, making the most of office technology and your natural rhythms. Creative meetings

How do you make your way through a meeting agenda and come up with creative new ideas, without having participants glance at their watch every two minutes? This module with give you practical tips and tools to create exciting and effective meetings every time.

Project planning

We respect Gantt charts, but you won’t see any in this module. Rather, we’ll use more idiosyncratic techniques to help you plan projects, organise ideas and manage complex tasks.

Conflict resolution

Not many people love resolving conflicts. But after completing this module, you’ll understand the best approaches to managing conflicts in the workplace (and outside it) and learn some easy ways to diffuse a disagreement. You’ll be surprised at how resolving conflicts successfully can enhance teamwork and creative possibility.

Creative communication

There’s more to communication than simply the words we use. In fact, studies show that the way we present our message has a big impact on how clearly it is communicated. This module will show you how to speak and listen effectively, and how to ensure your intended message is reaching your audience in the most effective manner.

Minimum fuss, maximum results

All our Creative Office Essentials modules are tailored specifically for your team and business, so you can go back to the office and integrate our practical tools and strategies straight away. Contact us today to book one or more of our Creative Office Essentials modules and help your team manage the basics of corporate success.