Creative solutions
for your team

WorkInColour helps teams and businesses throughout Australia develop the tools to be able to think creatively, act strategically, and get results.

To get different results, you need to change your thinking. That much is clear. But how? 

Maybe your team needs some fresh ideas? Try a Juicy Thinking Workshop.

If you have a pressing issue that needs some creative thinking, and would rather have a facilitated session that gets to the heart of the matter, check out our Juicy Thinking Sessions.

Or would you like to understand the abilities and strengths of your team, so you can all work together for better results? Then our Abilities & Strengths program is for you.

If you’re struggling with the basics of a creative office, like meetings or productivity or communications, check out our Creative Office Essentials modules.

Maybe you’d like to attract and retain the over-55 worker? Try our Third Act Teams program.

Or do you have team members looking for individual coaching on specific issues? We have executive coaches ready to assist.

We can craft a tailor-made solution to match your precise needs, using elements from our various programs, or we can deliver a program off the shelf, straight up. It’s your choice.

If you just want to hang around, that’s fine too. Check out our Free Resources. That’s right. Free. Download the latest WorkInColour articles, exercises, tips, White Coloured Papers and other tools to spark creative thinking and help you work in colour every day.

It’s easy with Work In Colour.