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Acting As If The Universe Was Friendly

We often get into a mindset that the world is out to get us. From that perspective, life feels like a struggle, and everything (including our creative thinking processes) starts to go into survival mode - hunker down, close off the doors to the outside world and brace for impact. These habits can become entrenched very easily, often without conscious effort on our part, but the consequence for your creativity can be dire - it is very difficult to do good, creative work in a hostile place. Not impossible, but very difficult.

Do you have a sense that you might be one of the many people with a siege mentality? If so, for 10 minutes, or an hour, or a day, adopt the perspective that the universe is actually a friendly place. If necessary, just pretend...

Don't risk your personal safety, of course, but smile at people in the street, say hello to the shop assistant, pat the puppy walking by, whatever feels right - you may find it changes your experience of your day.

Albert Einstein said that the most important decision any of us will ever make is whether or not to believe that the universe is friendly. I think he may have been right.
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