Practical tools for creative thinking

Looking for skills training in critical and creative thinking? Juicy thinking helps your team or business use whole-brain thinking to generate ideas and solve problems every day.

Get rid of the box

Many business leaders understand the concept of creative thinking. They know that unless you think differently—‘outside the box’—you’re going to sit around the same boardroom table and come up with the same solutions to the same problems, every time.

But as soon as the brainstorming session is over, they expect you to go back to your desk and continue thinking in a logical, linear fashion—‘inside the box’.

What if you could easily transition from left-brain, logical, linear thinking to right-brain, creative, big-picture thinking without butcher’s paper and endless brainstorming sessions? Think inside and outside the box whenever you like? What if you got rid of the box altogether?

That’s Juicy Thinking.

Whole-brained thinking

This kind of thinking isn’t just reserved for advertising agencies and hi-tech innovators. Not matter what industry you’re in, you can create big, juicy ideas for your business or team.

By combining critical and creative thinking you can create ideas that provide you with an advantage over your competitors, especially in changing times.

Whether you need to refresh your processes or step up to a challenge, Juicy Thinking workshops provide you with techniques to generate practical, original and innovative ideas in any situation.

Creative ideas that get results

Juicy Thinking workshops are interactive and ideal for individuals, teams and businesses who want to learn how to generate creative ideas that get results.

In addition to the four foundation habits of juicy, whole-brained thinking, we’ll demonstrate key techniques you can try on the spot and implement as soon as you get back to your office.

You’ll find out how to run your office as a hive of creative activity—get the buzz without the sting.

Thinking can be fun. We’ll show you how.

Book a Juicy Thinking workshop

Our workshops are based on a rigorous review of the latest tools and research, and personalised to your individual career or business.

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If you have a pressing issue that needs some creative thinking, and would rather have a facilitated session that gets to the heart of the matter, check out our Juicy Thinking Sessions.